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Someone mentioed that DKA or coma may happen faster in people becuase they
may be under contro and not used to that extreme in blood sugar.  Well
here's a story from my diabetes journal that might say that isn't so

The one time I went into DKA  it happened over the course of one day.  When
I was 17 my periods would cause horrilbe cramps that if I didn't take some
thing for them, I would begin to throw up.  That's when my vicious cycle
would begin.  I didn't take my insulin and I would try to eat only to
vomit.  after vomiting all morning I stopped eating.  Never did a
fingerstick either.  I was the worlds worst diabetic at the time. By the
afternoon I tried to eat again and vomited.  I looked awful.  All I wanted
was something to drink and I was breathing so heavy you could hear me in
the next room.  I finally told my mom to call my doctor.  My mom was
worried the whole time, I was just a very stubborn teenager who thought I
could handle it myself.  He said to get to the Emergency room immediatly!! 
I walked in the door and they took one look at me and knew I was the one my
doctor had called about that would be coming in.  I was rushed immediatly
back.  I could hardly walk by then.  My bg when they checked it was 893.  I
don't remember everything that went on.  (except for that most painful
Blood gas draw they did on me. )  I was then rushed up to Pediatric ICU and
stay the night there.  They put in a line in the same artery that blood
gases are done in so they could get blood gases and bgs every hour.  I
slept like there was no tomorrow that night.

Some things about our diabetes can be explained very easily and then there
are things that just can never be figured out as some things work for some
people and others it doesn't.  One thing that we all have on our side is
the ability to test and to know where our blood sugars stand and doctors or
CDEs that can point us in the right direction for care.  We all need to
find out what works for us and use it.  

Sheila Morris
who now knows the value of testing her blood sugar
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