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[IP] C Peptide

I've been thinking about this, and maybe I'm completely wrong, but I
thought that a C peptide just measured how much insulin your body is
producing, NOT if you are Type 1, 1.5, or 2.  Although a C peptide is
useful in deciding that.  If you have type 1, your C peptide will be low
(honeymooning) or nothing.  If you are type 2, it could be 0, low, normal,
or high.  Type 1.5 would be low or nothing.  If you are type 2, you *might*
actually be producing more than the typical amount of insulin to
compenstate for your insulin resistance.  Eventually this can wear out your
beta cells, causing low or no insulin to be produced.  When this happens,
it does not mean you are now type 1.  With type 1, it is an AUTOIMMUNE
disease that destroys the beta cells, so no insulin is produced.  In other
words, type 1 refers to the specific process that cause the beta cells to
stop functioning.  1.5 isn't really either of them (hense it is called 1.5).  

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