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Re: [IP] Basal percent

> Hi all,
> I read (I think in Pumping Insulin) where basal insulin
> typically accounts for 50 to 60 percent of a pumpers
> insulin requirement.  Is this at all normal?
> What percents are you other pumpers coming up with?  I
> this is an individual thing, but I'm curious to know
> percent of pumpers fall within the '50 to 60 percent
basal' rule.
> Thanks,
> Danny

I think that this is a prime example of ymmv.  I am now
using 13.7 units/day for basal and my total insulin can
vary from 45 to 60 units/day depending on my activity and
whether or not I skip a meal or have a decadent meal (some
of the beauty of using a pump).  I would also expect that
basal's would vary by age and metabolism.  One important
thing to be wary of would be to not set the basal's so low
that the bolus' are covering for the basal rate, but if
the basal is set by fasting there should be no problem.

Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
dm 10/66 - D 7/93
Let us be thankful for fools; but for them the rest of us
could not succeed.
 - Mark Twain

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