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Subject: RE: [IP] why do fats affect bgs so much?

It's kind of a visual picture thing, the foods layering out in the
stomach -- actually, all the foods are absorbed, nothing hangs for very long
in the stomach (unless you have gastroparesis, but that's a different
story)-  though it's true that fats slow down the digestion process.  But,
the thing that changes is what happens to the carbs, proteins, and fats once
they're in the blood stream.  The carbs, in the presence of insulin, are
promptly taken up by the cells, mostly of the muscles, liver, and fat cells.
Protein and fat are also taken up by those cells ('course, they don't need
insulin to be taken up), and if there are excessive amounts of them around,
gradually the liver turns SOME (not all) of the excess) to glucose, at which
time it is treated by the liver as any other glucose.  But, there's quite a
complex chain of things that happen to the fats and proteins before it gets
to that point - which is why it takes 4 to 6 hours for the sugars to rise
from heavy ingestion of fats and proteins.

Nancy Morgan

<<Basically, the carbs hit your system from
the minute you take a bit until approx.
two hours later.
Then the protein is processed in your stomach over
about 2-6 hours (YMMV) and then the fat is digested
at the bottom of gut slowly over 2-10hours(YMMV).>>

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