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Subject: [IP] Re: Found a solution

Mid morning high sugars have always been a problems for Jenna also.  She
uses a lower Insulin to carb ratio in the morning than any other time of
day, and uses Michael Robinton's idea of a "jump start" - she takes 0.6
units with breakfast, regardless of what she's eating.  It only happens on
school days, we don't need the jump start on non-school days.  We have to
compensate for the large amounts of insulin by reducing her basal rates from
10-12 am, or she does crash, but the lower late-am basal rates work out just

We've noticed that the spikes are worst when she has a high carb, no protein
breakfast (like waffles and orange juice)- so I make sure she always drinks
some milk, or eats some yogurt, with whatever else she's having.

Nancy Morgan

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