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Subject: [IP] Velosulin

Hi Linda,
Velosulin is just a Regular insulin with a different buffer.  I learned
about the mix on this website when Jenna's infusion sites wouldn't last more
than 1.5-2 days.  I asked my endo about it, he said it "wasn't proven" and
didn't want me to experiment on someone as young as Jenna.  Well, after
about 2 months of changing a site every other day, I decided to try it
anyways.  And it worked great - her sites now last 3-4 days predictably.  I
finally got up the courage to tell him that was what we were doing after a
month or two.  Then, a few months later, he told me he'd tried it with a few
other kids having site problems and it had worked for all of them!  He said
he appreciates learning things from his patients.

As far as the mechanics of it, we use a ratio of 1:5 (Velosulin to Humalog).
We use the D 3.15 ml cartridge - pull up 0.5 ml of Velosulin, then fill it
up the rest of the way with Humalog.  Mix well, then squeeze out the air
bubbles, and drop it in the pump.  We do notice that if she does an
especially big bolus (over about 6 units for her) that her sugars do drop
some between 3-4 hours later when the R kicks in - and we kind of take that
into account.  Otherwise, there's no difference.

Nancy Morgan

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