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Subject: [IP] Newly Diagnosed Family needs advice

My (then) 9 year old went on the pump 7 months after diagnosis, while still
in honeymoon.  I came across her first logbook the other day, laughed a
little at the basal rates of 0.2 and 0.3 units per hour.  I think a newly
dx'ed newbie would need to keep in mind that their basals and boluses will
change more as honeymoon ends, but other than that, I think the sooner, the
better.  I remember thinking, after ONE MONTH on MDI, that this method of
treating diabetes was NUTS, impossible, and unpredictable.  I think that
somehow, there is a thinking pattern that says that MDI is "easy," that
somehow or another, any fool can do that, but it takes experience to operate
a pump.  Well, I think there about 2000 members of this list that say that
MDI is difficult, unpredictable, fraught with complications (highs and lows,
DKA, etc), and that things got EASIER when they were on the pump.  So, why
is it that we think MDI is easier?

Nancy Morgan

<<one of my daughters VERY best friends was diagnosed with D ...
Our friends wanted to know if they
should talk to their endo immediately about it.  My recommendation was to
learn how to comfortably give shots etc... (for a back up), master carb
counting and then YES!  Is there anyone that has had experience with going
on a pump very soon after
diagnosis?  >>

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