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Re: [IP] Boob site

For the most part I read the digests, but due to it being the end of the
quarter (and tons of huge projects) and working a camp this past weekend,
I've been skimming less accurately than usually, so forgive me if I repeat
something someone esle has said.

I use Sillouettes/Tenders/Comforts for all of my sites (including my
boobs).  For me, places that have less movement and/or don't get
rubbed/bumped last the longest for me.  Places with not as much fat seem to
absorb better for me.  I'm barely a 34B.  So the top and side edges work
great for me (tried one more towards the center, that didn't work too well,
and I think the bottom would get more movement, so I haven't tried it).  I
try to put it right on the edge of where my boob is starting (yes I've took
a picture, but I haven't finished the roll yet).  Just because it is easier
to insert, I have the cathter facing towards my nipple.

Feel free to email more questions through the list or to my email address.
It might take me a while to reply but I will get around to it eventually!

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