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[IP] Type 1, type 2, Ah what's the difference!

(about whether an individual is type 1 or type 2 or obfuscates with

>Who knows for sure and does it really matter?

 Of course it matters. You'll see it matters the day they "cure" diabetes.
     If they figure out how to transplant islets cells into you and you are
Type 2, you will soon learn there IS a difference between type 1 and type 2
because you will still have your insulin resistance.
    If, instead, researchers one day figure out how to completely overcome
insulin resistance,  you, as a type 1-er, will find that cure does you no
good because you have no insulin to resist or not resist.
    Type 1 and type 2 are two different "diseases" (another issues I intend
to take up) which if not treated or treated ineffectively lead a specific
pathology -- abnormal amounts of glucose in the blood. It is the tendency to
high BGs that we share. It is that shared tendency that makes both type
1-ers and type 2-ers eligible to lose sight, feet, kidney and nerve
function, and life.
   Pretending that the distinction between these two diseases doesn't really
matter is to add too the general confusion about diabetes. If researchers
assume type 2 and 1 are identical, they could miss making discoveries that
are important to one brand or the other. (Much as they did when they assumed
the genders work the same, as though women are just short men with no facial
hair and special padding in interesting places.)

Anika, AKA Ani-weary -- of efforts of the  well-meaning to cure her type 1
with  exercise,  diets, and new pills and of having ill-informed intake
nurses ask my last BG test as a measure of how good my control is (rather
than asking for an HbA1C)
 also, AKA Ani-noyed, by insinuation I brought this on myself by eating too
much sugar as a kid.

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