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[IP] Re: P] why do fats affect bgs so much?

Everything you said is pretty right Sherry, except that there is no known
insulin requirement for fat metabolism.   Protein does take time and some
gets coverted to glucose, but fat does not.  At least there are no studies
demonstrating this.  We all know though that fat does something to our
control, and it seems to be much more that the standard line that "fats
slow down absorption of carbs."   That's true, but there's still something
missing from the equation.

<<<<<The short layman version: as my CDE explained it to me
Basically, the carbs hit your system from
the minute you take a bit until approx.
two hours later. (Your Metabolism May Vary=YMMV).
Then the protein is processed in your stomach over
about 2-6 hours (YMMV) and then the fat is digested
at the bottom of gut slowly over 2-10hours(YMMV).
So the carbs hit your system right away and are processed.
The protein is slowly digested over time.  This is why typically you don't
bolus for under 3oz of Chicken/Beef.
The fat digests the slowest over time.  This is why many
people need square boluses over many hours to keep their
bgs in range after a high protein/fat meal.
From: Sherry >>>>>>>>>>>>>

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