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Subject: [IP] Newly Diagnosed Family needs advice

     >Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 10:27:50 -0500
     >From: "Fontaine, Connie (C.E.)" <email @ redacted>
     >Subject: [IP] Newly Diagnosed Family needs advice
     >Much to my dismay, one of my daughters VERY best friends was 
     >diagnosed with D this week.  I have spent a lot of time at the 
     >hospital aggravating every nurse on every shift!  If only we knew how 
     >much they DIDN'T know when we
     >went through this....
     >Our friends know a little about Jackies pump and wanted to know if 
     >they should talk to their endo immediately about it.  My 
     >recommendation was to learn how to comfortably give shots etc... (for 
     >a back up), master carb counting and then YES!  Their daughter is 10 
     >and a perfect candidate (very responsible, proactive...).
     >Is there anyone that has had experience with going on a pump very 
     >soon after diagnosis?  Anyone else have an opinion on this 
     >issue---silly question to this list (vbg).   
     >Thanks for your input!
     >Connie, Jackie's mom and pump advocate
     I was only on MDI for 7 months before starting the pump. I would have 
     started sooner but it took a little over two months to process the 
     paper work, set an appointment to be trained etc.  
     I was older 23 when diagnosed and had one heck of a honeymoon, 
     diagnosed in november 25 and didn't start insulin until the following 
     june.  (The local doc was convinced it was type 2. ) That december I 
     was on the pump. 
     My mom has had D since she was 2 (for 53 years now and still kicking), 
     so I grew up watching the routine. So I knew the basics of diabetes. 7 
     mouths of MDI was enough for me and now I'd never go back.
     The big concern I remember was about the denial phase, ie it's better 
     not to be in it when you start the pump, because of all the steps 
     required to get started. All the testing, recording of data, wearing a 
     device 24/7, etc.  
     As always YMMV
     Brooke (and Melvin my 507C)
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