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Re: [IP] Newly Diagnosed Family needs advice

>Is there anyone that has had experience with going on a pump very soon 

hi - i started pumping 4 months after i was dx'd. since then I've met people 
who started even more recently, but when I brought up the idea, i definately 
got the feeling that my endo (previous endo that is :) thought it was "too 
soon." They figured that I couldn't possibly know how to carb count and 
figure out insulin doses effectively after only 4 months, etc.  I think that 
aside from knowing how to give injections being a very useful thing etc, i 
would have preferred to begin pumping even sooner than I did, because those 
4 months on shots messed up alot of things.  I know that sounds strange to 
those of you who were on MDI for years and years before pumping, but it was 
just my own experience.  Anyway, the suggestion I would give, although 
unfortunately it doesn't always work if you have stubborn docs, is to make 
sure they know how much you know about managing diabetes, carb counting, 
exercise, sliding scales, anything at all!!!  Once my endo found out that 
I'd been adjusting my own insulin (unbeknownst to them) from day one, and 
saw how much I'd learned, they were more receptive.  I ended up switching 
doctors anyway, but still.  Knowledge can go a long way.  best of luck to 
that family . . .the pump will make it easier.

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