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[IP] Xrays

> I was wondering.... I know that x-rays can cause problems with the
> functioning of an insulin pump, does this incude having an x-ray done at
> the dentist's office?  I was'nt sure since at the dentist they usually
> perform head x-rays.  Or does this rule apply to all x-rays because of the
> radiation given out by the procedure?
> Angie

MiniMed told me that the pump should not be in the room where the X-ray
equipment is . I just had full dental xrays and asked for the apron. An
unborn baby cannot leave the room, therefore, they put the apron on me.
Also, if you'll notice, all technicians leave the room. If there is no harm,
why do they go when they are not in the *line of fire*?

Jan & Bluda Sue

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