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Re: [IP] New insurance fun

     My insurance company is Aetna/US Healthcare and I have never had any 
     problem with prescriptions for Humalog.  Did they say why?
     I live in the Philadelphia area.  

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Subject: [IP] New insurance fun
Author:  email @ redacted at Internet
Date:    02/24/2000 11:42 AM

Just had to share this.

My new insurance company (AETNA), which paid for my insulin pump without
any problems (amazing!), has now decided not to pay for the insulin
without physician preauthorization!!

They paid for all my test strips but rejected the prescription for
Humalog (9 vials for 3 months)!!  I had to call my doctor today (who
wrote the original prescription), and he must send in documentation to
authorize it, and they will get back to me within 3-4 days!!!  The
problem is not in the quantity--the problem is with Humalog itself!

This is too unreal, it is almost humorous!  (Thankfully I'm not on my
last bit of Humalog, or it would not be humorous at all!)

Are there any medical doctors associated with these HMOs???  Don't they
know that most people on insulin pumps are also on humalog??



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