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RE: [IP] why do fats affect bgs so much?

The short layman version: as my CDE explained it to me

   _ _
 /    \    ________
|      |  |        | ____________
Carbs     Protein      Fat

Basically, the carbs hit your system from
the minute you take a bit until approx. 
two hours later. (Your Metabolism May Vary=YMMV).
Then the protein is processed in your stomach over
about 2-6 hours (YMMV) and then the fat is digested
at the bottom of gut slowly over 2-10hours(YMMV).
So the carbs hit your system right away and are processed.
The protein is slowly digested over time.  This is why typically you don't
bolus for under 3oz of Chicken/Beef.
The fat digests the slowest over time.  This is why many
people need square boluses over many hours to keep their
bgs in range after a high protein/fat meal.

This is compounded when you have high amounts of all
of these, such as pizza.  Hope this helped.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a doctor, I don't have documentation
on this.  It is what my CDE explained to me and why I keep 
a closer eye on my bgs 3-8 hours after a meal high in protein and/or fat.

-- Sherry
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