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[IP] McFlurries

I know there was a question about these before, BUT I dont remember how it 
was resolved. Kevin had one with the Butterfingers in it yesterday and he had 
awful BG's all night long! We counted it as 60 carbs like the Arbys one, but 
it was obviously much more than that. We corrected about 3 units worth during 
the night and he was still over 200 when he woke up! That is why i hate to 
splurge like that. Glad he doesnt do it very often. We were in Atlanta for a 
week, and strict about how we ate since we were flying by the seat of our 
pants carb-wise alot...so on the drive home I let the kids splurge....and see 
what happened? I was up at 2, 4, and 6 am.  Hope someone can give me a count 
for this so I can see exactly where we went wrong!


bleary eyed- Robin
Mom of Kevin, 11 (for less than a month more)
pumping for 9 months
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