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[IP] food, diet, weight gain

In a message dated 2/22/00 1:01:40 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Would anyone who has either battled the pump weight
 gain, had food "issues", turned their diet around to
 be more nutritious or just flat out successfully gone
 on a diet to drop and maintain a lower weight please
 email me privately--  >>

I don't know if my experiences in my almost 40 body will be the same as your 
almost 20 body, but weight, healthy eating, has been an issue or problem for 
me since diagnosis at age 19.

Every time I have aimed for tight control, and I feel better at these lower 
numbers, I have gained weight.  Not just a couple pounds, but more like 
20-30.  The better the bg control, the more easily I can gain weight, and 
pumping has produced weight gain much faster than MDI. 

I also know that I have emotional eating issues.  When under a moderate 
amount of stress, like money problems, or fighting with my 9 y/o daughter, I 
have this craving for carbs/fat/sweets.  Like doughnuts, cake, cookies.  Also 
have noticed that I have a hard time staying away from them around my period. 
 When under tremendous stress, like when my mom was dying of cancer and I 
took care of her in my home, I have completely shut down and not eaten at 
all, or very little, and the pounds dropped quickly and dangerously.  Also 
this weight loss was due to letting my bgs run way high, like 300-500 and I 
was in ketosis most of the time.  I also used this method to lose weight, a 
very unhealthy thing to do and I ended up with kidney disease and 
reitinopathy.  Thank goodness I came to some kind of sense and now maintain 
decent control and the kidneys are improved and holding.

Sorry about the length, this is a subject I have tried for so long to figure 
out myself.

In Aug of 98 we had a house fire and lost everything including our beloved 
cats, who to me are members of our family and I was devastated.  Dealing with 
the loss and the stress of the insurance company, rebuilding, etc. I ate a 
very poor diet of whatever I wanted.  I was a regular at Cinnabon, Sonic 
Burger, Baskin Robbins, etc. Since I was pumping, I maintained sort of 
control, around 8.5-9.0 A1c.  I also went from 165 lbs to 185 lbs.  I'm 5' 8".

In September of this year, after we had moved back into our home and things 
were back to sort of normal, I decided to get control of my weight and my bgs 
at the same time.  I had never done that before.

I started eating a close to fat-free diet, a medium amount of protein, lots 
of fruits and veggies, and limited the carbs.  I also started working out 
regularly at a ladies only gym.  I did (still do) aerobics three times a 
week, and do weight lifting three times a week.  Also remember that my 
metabolism is not as good as your younger one and it takes me more exercise 
to burn calories.  I had to go slowly at first and figure out what to do with 
my pump so I wouldn't crash.  Best for me was to lower the basal about 2 hrs 
(I use Velosulin) before exercise and let my bg run up to 180-220 before 
start of class, then set back to regular basal during class.  Often times I 
would drop 100 pts during a 45 min workout.  I was working out mid-morning, 
about 1 1/2 hrs after breakfast.  This worked pretty well and I lost about 13 
lbs, but more importantly replaced much fat with muscle.  Muscle burns fat, 
not just while you work out, but 24/7, so my basal rates decreased 
dramatically.  Went from 42% fat, to 29% fat by December.  A size 16 to a 
size 12.  And my A1c was 7.4, pretty good for me, I bounce around a lot.

Next step was in January my husband want to do the "Body for Life" Challenge. 
You can check it out at bodyforlife.com.  It is a diet and exercise/body 
building program similar to what I was doing, but more intense.  I've lost 
another 10 lbs, and am down to 23% body fat and a size 8 now.  I've never 
been this small at this weight, 160 lbs and I feel great.  My bgs still 
bounce around, but my body doesn't pack on pounds as easily because of the 
increased muscle.  This has been the missing key for me.  My A1c last week 
was 7.0, pretty damn good for someone who on MDI was a 12-14. And now I am 
much more insulin sensitive.  The more fat you have the more insulin 
resistance there is.  

The diet trick is to not let yourself get hungry by eating small amounts 
often. My typical days diet goes like this:

9am breakfast; 4 egg whites w/1 yoke scrambled, and one piece whole wheat 
raisin toast with spray on butter substitute (I can't believe its not butter 
brand) ;24 carbs

10:30am If my bgs are in 150 range (most days are higher) I eat a Myoplex 
Lite protein bar; 28 carbs

12:30 pm  Lunch at Subway for one of the low fat subs or my favorite a 
chicken ranch wrap; 45 carbs for 6" sub; or 56 carbs for wrap

3:30 pm  Snack of an apple and cottage cheese; or sugar-free yogurt mixed 
with cottage cheese; about 20 carbs

6:30 pm Dinner of one serving protein (chicken breast), one serving carb 
(strawberries, or potato, or one piece toast), and one serving veggie (like 
broccoli, or green salad with fat free dressing).  I eat salsa on potato 
instead of fats like butter or sour cream, or you can buy ff sour cream, etc. 
 I try to stick around 40-50 carbs, if I eat more I have problems with night 
time bgs.  Or if I eat later like 7:30 - 8 dinner, my bgs won't come down for 

9:30 pm  Sometimes a snack before bed.  I like the LUNA bars, made by Cliff 
Bar company.  Available in health food stores and some grocery stores.  About 
24 carbs and have about 12-15 grams of protein which seems to help to 
stabilize bgs for the night.

Hope this helps somehow,
Best wishes,

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