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Re: [IP] Re:Ryan and pumping

Did you change the basal from 8 to 10 am? If so that will explain the low at
noon. I was told that to effect BS by a basal change start the change about 2
hours before the time you want effect. To effect the 8 to 10 am period make th
basal change from 6 to 8 am. It seems to take that long for a basal change to
show up in the BS levels. I'm no DR. but this seems to have worked for me.

Gary Marlin

Lori Kissick wrote:

> Hi everyone just wanted to share that things are going great with the pump.
> Ryan has had many lows since pumping something we have not seen in a long
> time. I noticed a pattern of ryan going a little high from 8:00-10:00am so I
> changed his basal from that time to .9 from.8.So today that fixed the high
> he was 7.7 at 10:00 am so that seemed to work but at lunch he was 2.3 I have
> no explanation for this. Does anyone know what might have happened or was
> the metre crazy? He had no exercize during that time.I checked his pump and
> he did the correct bolus for his snack???? I

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