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Re: [IP] Re: Air in tubing


I think Sam already answered your question.  I use the MM 507c and started 
out with the softsets, and have used about all the ones available, and found 
pro's and cons about each one.  I would love to be able to disconnect and am 
told that soon that may be possible.  I use the Disetronic rapid and they 
haven't made to disconnect yet.  They, however, have been telling me for 
almost a year now that it won't be long before the rapid will disconnect.  
Still waiting!  The rapid works very well for me and I won't trade or change 
to another just so I can disconnect.  I went many years before the 
disconnecting ones even showed up, so I'm quite used to having Mr.Pump with 
me at all times, shower, swimming, intimate moments and any thing else that I 
may decide to do.  I would still like to be able to disconnect, however, at 
times or at least to have that choice.

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