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RE: [IP] pump for gestational


My brother and I are both on the pump.  Both diagnosed typeII around age 27.
My sister was diagnosed GD with her last PG (age 34).  She wanted to go on
the pump, but they told her it would take too long to get it cleared by
Insurance and get training.  By then the PG would almost be over.  She did
try diet, but needed insulin to control it.  I just assumed that GD patients
were generally not told to go on the pump because of the time limitations as
mentioned above.

I agree with what someone else said about her negativity stemming from not
having to deal with MDI.  Sure the pump would seem awful if you hadn't had
to deal with MDI and BG swings first.  It's a great tool, but only when you
consider the alternative.  Something she probably hasn't done.  Not to
mention there are a lot of negative things about being diabetic and she is
probably associating these with the pump, since that is the only therapy she
has used.

Good luck!

Ellen Compell (31) - Type II (insulin only)
MiniMed 507C since 1998
email @ redacted <mailto:email @ redacted> 

-----Original Message-----

my husband received a call from a coworker who was
recently put on the pump for gestational diabetes. 
She went into great detail about all of the negative
things she is experiencing and told my husband to
really think about this before putting both of our
kids on pumps. 
So, my question to all of you: is
this a common thing to put a pregnant woman the pump
who has gestational?
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