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Re: [IP] X-Rays??

In a message dated 02/24/2000 12:13:06 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Also, are there other things that can cause a pump the malfunction?  I've
>  heard that mattress that contain magnets (for magnet therapy) can or should
>  not be used by a pump wearer.  Anyone.....

hi angie -

the only thing i know about magnets was written on a box of the "wrap-around" 
type magnets (wrap around your arm, leg, wherever they were needed) -- on the 
box it said they were NOT to be used by people with insulin pumps.        

as for dental x-rays, i've heard that it's okay if you're under the lead 
apron you wear.     i simply disconnected for the minute it took to get mine 
done and layed my pump outside the door.      i had only been using my pump 
for a few weeks when i got my first set of x-rays and felt so great i didn't 
want anything to damage it!

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