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Re: [IP] insurance "mistakes"

Susan wrote:

<<ARGH!  BCBS "lost" pg 2 of 3 (had most of the meds on it), and sent me a
letter saying that I needed to attach itemized receipts (they WERE
included).  Thank god I photocopied it before sending it... MAN!  This is
NOT the first time either!!!  I think they anticipate being able to rip
people off that don't keep records of claims...>>

I was once told by BC/BS that the months of December through March were the
worst time to send in receipts since a large number of people hang on to
their receipts for the whole year before submitting them.  Thus, the
insurance company has to hire inexperienced temps to help process the
overload of claims they receive at this time.  Their advice was to send in
the receipts all year long as you get them, rather than waiting to send them
all at once in one large chunk.  This is what I have done, and have gotten
reimbursed all year long, rather than waiting for one large payment every
year.  And, they tend to make fewer mistakes with my claims, until that time
of the year.

Type 1 for 37 years....

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