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[IP] scary doctor's office visit story

OK, I have the story of the day.  Today I had a routine physical with my primary care person (no longer called a "doctor"--ah,
the curse of HMOs).  Anyway, the nurse brought me in and did the typical things--weight, bp, etc.  She was reviewing my
updated medical info, where I had written "Diabetes Mellitus, Type I, treated with insulin infusion pump".  Her comment, and I
quote:  Are you still taking insulin?

Excuse me?

I almost laughed outloud.  I said, "Yeah, forever."  She went on to explain, "That's usually how it is, but with the new
medicines they come out with, you never know."

Please fill me in if you know about an alternative to insulin for the treatment of IDDM.  I'm all ears.


ps-The doctor knew her stuff--including pump therapy.  She gave me a referral for an A1C and an endo visit and sent me on my
merry way.

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