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[IP] ..last shot of bedtime Ultralente ever!!

Howdy gang!
Lord willing, tonight I took my last dinner injection and my last
bedtime ultralente ever.  For the rest of my life!   What a concept!

I go to the docor and meet with the Mini Med specialist in the morning.
I need to go watch the minimed video again and try to really familiarize
myself with the pump.  How much "homework" did you all do before meeting
with your minimed representative?  '

I am excited and nervous.  I start right on to insulin.  No saline

I must say that David's post about "Thanks be to God because he just had
the best blood sugar day he had ever had in ten years" was a great

So now I need to name my pump.  It's the blue one.  I think I'll call
him "Bluey".  Original, I know, but I actually had a blue car once
named... you guessed it!  Bluey!

Wish me luck and send up a prayer for me!

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