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Re: [IP] Please forgive me if I offend, but...

First let me say that I was not offended by this at all.  I have my
opinion, and you are more than welcome to yours.  And I've always rathered
enjoyed debating.  :-)

>subcutaneous delivery, it is not a medicine. It is a natural hormone. DMers
>lack this hormone. 
I disagree.  Insulin that is injected/pumped/inhaled is a medicine.  It
alters how our body is functioning.  While this occurs in the body as a
natural hormone, it is being used to treat a condition.  Without this
substance/medicine I give myself, I would be dead.  

If we are to educate the ignorant we should call facts
>facts -- no matter the age of the *student.* He trusted his *mommy* and will
>always believe insulin is a medicine. Even 5-year-olds who hear the word
>Diabetes are capable of learning what insulin is. 8^)
I did not use that explaination because of his age.  Often when I explain
diabetes to ANYONE who does not know what insulin is to start with, I tell
them it is a medicine.  That most people's body's make it, but mine
doesn't.  I don't think I've ever told someone at that point it is a
hormone (I guess I just figure if they haven't heard of insulin, they do
not have that great of a grasp on medical type things, and I
***personally*** would rather explain highs/lows or other diabetes things
then get into an explaination of what a hormone is).  Medicine is a concept
the vast majority of people can grasp, and from that I can explain what a
pump is a lot easier.

I definately am keeping an open ear/mind on this thread because I fairly
frequently use that explaination to explain my pump... I'm willing to alter
it if I can be convinced I really am doing a disservice to others with

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