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Re: [IP] non-obesity and children

The issue about type 2 diabetes in children bothers me also. When Rachel was 
diagnosed she was almost 9 and weighed 51 lbs. Definitely not a weight issue, 
but people still don't understand how serious this is. Most figure she can 
just take a pill and watch her diet and exercise and all is well. No one 
really gets too "heavy" on the long term complications that are associated 
with diabetes. I think the public has been led to believe that with 
treatment, diabetes isn't a serious problem. Well, my question is this ... 
how many of us parents who get up every night checking bg's, and have kids 
call several times when sleeping over at someone else's house, have hearts 
that sink when you look at your child sleeping peacefully knowing full well 
that all is not fine?  Yes, I wonder every day what is around the corner of 
my daughter's life. I wake up at night and my thoughts turn to her and how I 
wish it were me and not her. When I see her tiny calloused fingers, my heart 
breaks. I think the media needs to stop "sugarcoating" (sorry about that) 
diabetes. They need to stop making people believe it's just a lifestyle 

Mom to Rachel, 12 
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