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Re: [IP] Insurance Coverage Survey

List Members,

Lets try to Re-Direct your responses to the person who asked for 
this.  Send All responses to email @ redacted rather 
than back to the list. Again, send all survey responses to:

	email @ redacted

rather than back to the list.  Your cooperation will be appreciated.

On 23 Feb 00, at 20:53, Bridget C. Martin wrote:

> Hello Insulin-Pumpers,
> My name is Bridget Martin.  I am a pumper and a law student.  I started
> pumping in Dec. 1999. I have been "lurking" on this list for a while now. 
> While in the process of getting my pump, I learned first hand how hard it
> can be to get insurance approval for your pump.  I have also been very
> interested by the various posts on insurance woes.
> I am now writing a paper for my "Law and Medicine" seminar.  My topic will
> deal with denial of coverage and the definition of "medical necessity".  I
> am also going to explore what rights an insured party may have against an
> insurance company that seems to be trying to practice medicine by forcing
> the insured party to go to extreme measures to show that the pump is a
> medical necessity.  
> Please take the time to answer the following questions for me.  I know
> this is a bit long, but I am trying to look for some specific patterns and
> practices among insurance companies.  I am especially interested in anyone
> who may have been told that their control (or HbA1c) was "good enough" on
> multiple daily injections so they didn't really need the pump.  I will try
> to post a copy of my paper to the list once I have finished.  Thank you so
> much for your time.  
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