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[IP] ketones, comas, highs...

YMMV - each to their own... BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU READ THIS LIST!!!

When I was diagnosed I was semi-comatose with a blood sugar >1500.
I had no nausea, had not vomited.  I was instead EXTREMELY sleeply (had
been sleeping around 20 hrs a day) and was having difficulty breathing
(extremely shallow, sounded like I couldn't get any air - very labored).

Now, to me that says that I don't necessarily need to wait until I am
vomiting or have nausea to go to the er!!!  Each to their own - remember
your response to ketones might be totally different than anothers.  My
response is pretty low key... that doesn't mean it isn't dangerous though,
so I know if I cannot get my levels down by myself, it might not hurt to
go to the ER.

Now for the ketones at normal levels... they are not a problem, as michael
mentioned, unless all three criteria of DKA are in place:  dehydration,
high levels AND ketones.

When I am working out intensely or have a low carb day, I can show moderate
ketones.  Because my blood sugar is <200, and i am fully hydrated this just
means my body is doing the same damn thing a non-D's body would:  get energy
from fat because I am not giving it enough energy through carbs or because I
burning it off too fast during exercise.

Nuttin' to worry about...

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