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[IP] Re:Ryan and pumping

Hi everyone just wanted to share that things are going great with the pump. 
Ryan has had many lows since pumping something we have not seen in a long 
time. I noticed a pattern of ryan going a little high from 8:00-10:00am so I 
changed his basal from that time to .9 from.8.So today that fixed the high 
he was 7.7 at 10:00 am so that seemed to work but at lunch he was 2.3 I have 
no explanation for this. Does anyone know what might have happened or was 
the metre crazy? He had no exercize during that time.I checked his pump and 
he did the correct bolus for his snack???? I wish he would have retested. 
Ryan is loving the pump Sunday he slept in till 10:30 then got up and did 
not want to eat so I said ok. At first I felt like I was doing something bad 
that would harm him lol.Going to take me a while to remember these things 
are ok for Ryan that were not ok before just seems weird but I sure love it 
as well.
Lori Mom of Ryan
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