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[IP] Re: Air in tubing


I very rarely get bubbles in my line and I notice most all of you are using 
the disconnectables so I'm thinkin' It takes air to get bubbles in most cases 
and it is my belief that if you don't get your connection tightly connected 
maybe you are sucking air in and don't realize it.  I don't mean that you are 
getting air just because you disconnect (although I believe that is possible) 
I also feel that when you put your tubing onto the reservoir that connection 
must be real tight too.  Think of a small leak in a tire because of the 
pressure of weight the tire goes flat the air being expelled so if you have a 
loose connection it is not tight and therefor sucks air in because it is not 
air tight.

Just my thought.  Like I said you all are using the kind of sets that 
disconnect and I don't use that kind and I can count the times on one hand 
when I've had any air bubbles

Nancy 12 years pumping
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