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Re: [IP] Insurance Coverage Survey

>What Type are you (1, 2, 1.5)?

>What was your date of diagnosis?

>What was your age of diagnosis?

>When did you start pumping?

>What was your HbA1c immediately before pumping?
14.9 in 12/98

>What was your HbA1c post-pump?
10.5 in 8/99, 8.4 in 1/00

>Have your HbA1c's continued to improve?

>What is the name of the Insurance Company you were with when you started
>the pump?

>What form of insurance was/is it (HMO, PPO, etc)?

>How long did it take your insurance company to process your claim for the
about 2 months

>What documents (blood glucose records, medical records, meal logs, etc.),
>if any, did you have to submit to your insurance company?
doctor submitted blood test results and other records..also letters from 2
endos and primary care physician

>How does your insurance company classify the pump (durable medical
>equipment, prescription, etc.)?
not sure

>Briefly describe the process you went through to get your pump approved by
>your insurance company?
mom and doctors did most of it, also minimed people helped a lot and got it
pushed through in a hurry

>Have you ever seen a copy of the actual contract that you insurance
>company has with your employer (the contract they use in explaining why a
>pump would not be covered or in explaining to what extent something will
>be covered)?
no- I am mom's dependent

>Does your insurance plan cover pump supplies?
yes-though we have to get unsulin and testing supplies from a cigna mail
order pharmacy and then get pump supplies from a different supply company.
they will only let me get 1 month of pump supplies at a time, a year ago it
was 3 months.  also they do not pay for pump batteries saying it is not
medical.  we got the original pump from minimed and it was covered 100%

>How much is your co-pay for pump supplies?
none...no copay for glucometer either...$15 for regular Rx (went up from $10
in Jan 2000)

>Does your plan consider pump supplies a prescription, durable medical
>equipment or something else?
medical equipment i think

>Do you feel your diabetes management has improved because of the pump?

>Do you mind if I contact you to ask you further questions about any of
>your answers?not at all. email address is email @ redacted

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