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Re: [IP] Re: Merck-Medco Insulin Mailing

> I also live in  Texas and had the same problem with Merck-Medco
> mailing insulin without an ice pack.  I called and complained
> (though they told me that insulin is not required to be sent with an
> ice pack).  Before I started pumping, I had some erratic blood
> sugars one month that could only be explained by bad insulin.

There are specific shipping and storage TEMPERATURE conditions 
specified in the handling documents provided by Ely Lilly. There have 
been numerous complaints specifically about Merck to Ely Lilly and 
discussions in the past between the two companies about proper 
handling of insulin by Merck. I suggest you drop a note to both Ely 
Lilly AND your primary insurance carrier (not Merck) about this so 
that it comes to the attention of upper management.

You or your employeer pays the insurance premium with the expectation 
that medical services and pharmaceuticals will be delivered properly 
and in good condition. It us up the the insurance carrier to see that 
it fulfills it's contractual obligations in delivering what was paid 
for. Clearly Merck is skimping on it's end of the deal as a third 
party subcontractor.
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