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Re: [IP] DKA - coma

I've been hospitalized with DKA 3 times since diagnosis...the third time I
was in ICU ward, doc said it was a close call to a coma.  Each time was my
own stupidity and bad control.  Ketones and high bg's had been there for
days and I did nothing.  It takes a while for the whole thing to progress.
Usually if I can't get rid of the ketones in 24 hours or if I vomit I call
the doc.  One time I also had strep throat, and I was vomiting a lot...we
had a really horrible doctor who told me to just take extra insulin.  We
went to another doc for a second opinion and he admittied me to the hospital
asap.  Usually they do an IV with insulin, glucose, potassium, and something
to make the vomiting stop...with lots of blood work.  If you were to not
catch the ketones and high bgs and get them down it would progress to DKA
and if that was not fixed then you would face a coma, but since you seem to
be on top of things I wouldn't worry.  Just make sure that you have a doc
who is accessible in an emergency.  As for sleeping through it, I don't know
about others on the list, but when I am that high I will wake up more than
once to pee, which makes me wonder what is wrong so I test.  With the sick
feeling and dehydration that comes from highs and ketones, I am bound to
wake up at some point.  Tell your son that if he does wake up more than once
to go to the bathroom, or can't sleep because he feels ill, that is the time
to get up and test so you can catch it early.


>How long is long????????
>Hours.........days?????? Trust me i'd never hesitate to go to ER. When Matt
>hit 500 the other night, hadn't since first diagnosed, it made me think, ok
>what if i didn't catch this right away and we were sleeping through the
>night...............could a coma happen that fast?  I know DKA can, but can
>coma?  Help someone please.........................

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