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[IP] Re: Crack shot was injecting through Silhouettes

denise wrote:

>  You put on...plastic cap on...port and shot up through that? 
>  Now I'm even more confused!  (I asked original question re injecting 
> through Silhouettes and wondered how you could do it with limited 
> vision.)  

well i don't see so good myself and I just kinda "feel" my way into 
it....yes, I actually put my finger on the side of the needle, and with my 
finger tip find the port, and just poke gently until it slides in...my sites 
are usually in places that I can't see too good any way, (under boobage 
shadow, on butt,) so I gotta feel my way - no smart ass remarks please, well, 
ok why not - i miss you guys!!!

you wrote that due to your limited vision following laser you:
>  managed to miss a catheter that slipped out  of its site
>  during a great Valentine dinner.  When my bg shot up to 580

Sorry to hear about that!!!  what a bummer....and what a waste of a nice 
meal!!  As for me, I rarely, if ever, physically lift up my shirt or undo my 
pants to get a VISUAL take on my site.  I feel it...I give it a little tug, 
or a pat, frequently throughout the day, usually rather absent mindedly, just 
to make sure I haven't sweated the sucker  off.  I certainly don't stop my 
day to think about it...When I am re-connecting afre a shower, I, again, do 
it by "feel" rather than by looking at it, and I always give it a little tug 
to make sure it is in there.

>  Now your idea of two pumps, one for Humalog and one for Regular 
> ...hmmm that sounds neat

if i was a disetronic user, i would do it....

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