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[IP] bolus to reduce site sensitivity??

Regarding this, and numerous other posts like it, how can you just
willy-nilly bolus?  I KNOW you are not doing that, but to an uninitiated
person, that is just what it sounds like!  "Oh, just bolus to clear
bubbles."  "Bolus to reduce sight sensitivity."
Would someone mind explaining this to me?  If you can bolus for things
like this, then you must be able to bolus for a meal over time as well
as all at once???
Oh, an THANK you for lettin gme know Kap had this experience, too!  I
get so irked when they tell me stuff like this when I KNOW we cvan't be
so weird that EVERYTHING happening to Paddy is the "first time they've
ever heard of it!"
Charisma :)

email @ redacted wrote:
> Kap screamed with every shot - he said it was like a bee sting. Burning
> sensation!
> And yes - we were told by many - it was all in his head.

> With pumping, he has the same reaction with the first bolus of a new site -
> except we can now control the pain.  With each new site if he was to do a
> large bolus he has PAIN. Now, he will bolus 1/2 units a couple of times then
> the site can take up to 6 or 7 units without feeling any PAIN.
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