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Re: [IP] Bloodsugar 500

At 02:04 PM 2/23/2000  email @ redacted wrote:
 >Yes, the body is more resistent when high.  Along with my ratio of 1 unit to
 >50 pts, I add 1 unit for every 100 pts over target.  Seems to be about right
 >for me.  So if I am 300, I would take 4 units to get back to 100 and another
 >2 units for the resistance. Also take into consideration when the last bolus
 >was and how much of that is still going to be working.  Often times I add 
 >2 units for the resistance to a temp basal so all the insulin doesn't hit at

We need to be careful here, since everyone will use a different insulin/BG 
ratio to reduce their BGs. Please use the levels that you worked out with 
your Dr. and/or CDE and be very careful about arbitrarily changing it based 
on information you read here without checking first.

It is apparently true that many people need more insulin for lowering every 
BG number when their BG's get extremely high. I've heard that there is 
often more insulin resistance when you are very high then when you are 
lower. Again, check with your physician and/or CDE to find out what your 
ratios should be for different situations.


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