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[IP] re: bloodsugar 500

>Nan, thanks for the response. Matt was and always is closely monitored. How 
i think it must be different for all people to go unconscious from low or
high blood sugar. i've been as low as 20, and as high at 1500 (at
diagnosis) and i have never been unconsious. the doctors were quite
surprised that at 1500 i was still talking..felt horrible obviously but
still conscious...
i also take tons of insulin to bring down a high...usually around 20 units
if it's about 400... the higher i go, it seems to take tons more insulin...
Erinn (pumping a little over 2 months)

>long does it take for one to go unconscious to do HIGH bloodsugar?  Is it 
>different for all people, like lows and passing out?  You advised giving 1 
>unit of Humalog to decrease every 50 points, totaling 20 units of Humalog. I 
>could never give Matt that much insulin at once. His daily totals only add
>to that on most days. I give Matt 1 unit of Humalog to drop 100 points. So i 
>only gave Matt a total of 4 units to bring him down. It did take longer than 
>expected though, is the body more resistant when that high? So maybe next 
>time i'd give him 1 unit to drop 50 points maybe?  Thanks for being soooo 
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