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Re: [IP] insurance questions- cobra, self-employment

In a message dated 2/21/00 10:57:08 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

We are self employed and have health insurance through an employee-leasing 
program.  Essentially, they do our payroll. We lease ourselves (and 
employees) back to our company, and we belong to the payroll service's group. 
 By being part of their group, we are able to buy good health ins coverage at 
reasonable cost, with no pre-existing conditions clause.  We were able to 
start this way when we were three employees (myself, my husband, and a 
part-time secretary).

<< There is also 
 something else called the HIPAA act which is Health Ins. Portability and 
 Accountability Act  >>

I tried several times under this to obtain private health insurance (not 
affiliated with an employer or organization).  All the act does is make it 
illegal for  an insurance company to refuse to insure you.  Therefore, they 
were happy to comply and offer me policies that did not cover Rxs in the 
neighborhood of $800/month for family coverage.  Way out of my price range.

Hope this helps some,

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