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Re: [IP] Type 1 1/2 What is it?

Hey There!

I was diagnosed Dec. 27, 1985 as a result of high sugar content in my urine
during an ER visit.  Since I was 20 years old, average weight, I didn't
specifically fit either of their nice neat profiles.  "Too old for JD, too
young for Type 2; too heavy for Type 1, too light for Type 2" according to
the doctors there - so my official diagnosis was "Type 1 1/2".  I have the
feeling that now that medical professionals recognize that diabetics come in
quite a variety of shapes & sizes, if I were being diagnosed today, they
would probably classify me as late onset Type 1.  Since they didn't know
quite what to make of it at diagnosis, they weren't sure how it should be
treated, either.  Since I was obviously too old <g> for JD, they tried to go
the oral meds route of many Type 2's....which seemed to work until the
honeymoon was over.  Nine months later I had a major lifestyle change (from
dancer/fitness instructor to schoolteacher) which decreased my level of
physical activity tremendously.  Within three months I lost close to 30
pounds (only starting at 115), but it took four MORE months for them to
decide that perhaps we should try insulin...at that point, I was drinking
GALLONS of water/pop a day & up every hour (at least) in the night to go to
the bathroom - what a way to live!  I didn't have enough of a diabetes
education to realize that this wasn't what everyone went through on a daily
basis.  Once I started injections, I got healthier & gained 30 pounds almost
immediately, & then some  :(  !  At any rate, through it all, the doctors
who took care (?) of me never referred to me as any type but 1 1/2...& who
am I to question the professionals?

Sitting on the middle of the Diabetic Fence
(& actually, the view's not bad from here!),

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