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Re: [IP] Please forgive me if I offend, but...

At 09:49 AM 2/23/2000 , you wrote:

>In a message dated 2/23/00 10:56:20 AM, email @ redacted writes:
> > Since every living person on
> >earth requires insulin, whether by natural pancreatic function or
> >subcutaneous delivery, it is not a medicine. It is a natural hormone.

I must say that it is a medication..  If you go by just that "everyone has 
it" then Thyroid medications would also not be a medication.  Medications 
only enhance or decrease what the body is/should be able to do on its 
own.  Their is no pill that can make the body do something that it 
can't/should already do.

Medicine: 1. a substance or preparation used in treating disease. 2. the 
science and art dealing with the maintenance of health and the prevention, 
alleviation, treatment, or cure of disease.

I think of medicine as anthing I must take to keep me functioning normally 
even if that in tales asprin, cough syrup, or even a shot of insulin.

and no i was not offended in any way..  I like any good debate as much as 
the next person..  ;-)

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