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Re: [IP] DKA - coma

> Jan, thanks for your reply!  And i'd take your medical advice ;),
> but my question is still not being answered.  How long is
> long????????  Hours.........days?????? Trust me i'd never hesitate
> to go to ER. When Matt hit 500 the other night, hadn't since first
> diagnosed, it made me think, ok what if i didn't catch this right
> away and we were sleeping through the night...............could a
> coma happen that fast?  I know DKA can, but can coma?  Help someone
> please.........................

This is not a medical answer, you should always seek medical advise, 
particularly with something as serious as this subject.

For DKA to occur you need three conditions:

1) high bg's
2) dehydration
3) ketones

Controlling one or more of the above is supposed to be sufficient, 
talk to your doc!

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