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Re: [IP] Re: bubbles

In a message dated 2/23/00 9:31:46 AM, email @ redacted writes:

>At the end of the prime I saw 5 or 6 long bubbles

When I started pumping, I had some problem with bubbles that I think were 
caused by moving the plunger as I pushed the syringe into the pump, letting a 
little air into the system.  As I got surer with my movements in putting it 
in (I position it and push down on the top of the syringe closest to the luer 
lock to get it in tight, leaving the lever arms open and as far back as 
possible), I stopped having the problem.  Then I close the metal lever arms 
while holding the pump with the tubing downward, pushing (with the lever 
arms) very slightly on the syringe plunger as I close them.  This seems to 
minimize the amt I need to prime  before insulin comes out.  (learned this on 

Linda Z

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