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Re: Re: [IP] bubbles/Laura

>Last year when I had some unexplained bubbles-in-tubing problems, my rep 
>suggested filling the syringe and tubing and letting the whole thing sit out 
>overnight (or at least for several hours) before inserting it, in case the 
>problem had to do with the insulin coming into contact with the plastic.  I 
>haven't done it (haven't had any more bubble problems), but thought I would 
>pass the suggestion along.  Maybe the bubbles that appear in yours would 
>appear then, and could be bolused out before you connect.  Be careful about 
>contamination of the set once it's open, though.

Make sure your insulin is at room temperature before you fill the system.  Cold liquids dissolve more gas than warm ones.  I heard another tip (don't recall where, though) to draw a vacuum in the vial for about 10 minutes prior to filling to help remove dissolved gas.

Jim Handsfield
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