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Re: [IP] Synthroid versus generic brand

<< He claims he has
had two customers who landed in the hospital with heart irregularities due
to a change in brands.  Does anyone have experience with generics and the
bioavailability of  hormones? >>


I switched from Synthroid to Levothyroxine last summer after my endo read
the report that Synthroid was not actually any more effective than the
generics.  I haven't had any problems with the generic. In fact, in some
ways, I think it may be better. Your comment about heart problems interests
me immensely. I haven't verified this with my endo (I'll ask him when I see
him next week) but here's my story:

When I started taking Synthroid (very low dose-- I have thyroid
autoantibodies) I began to have intermittent chest pains. These pains
occurred out of the blue, even when I was doing nothing but sitting on the
couch and reached for a magazine. My endo thought it had to do with the
shape of my rib cage (slightly concave).  However, since I switched to the
generic thyroid medicine, those chest pains have disappeared. I know that
this is not proof; it is a logical fallacy to say that just because one
thing happened, and then another thing followed, that the first thing
caused the second thing to happen, but it does make me wonder.

Mary Jean

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