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[IP] Re: bubbles

I too am having a lot of late forming bubbles.  Since I have only done 3
real set changes (one week connected yesterday), I am worried that I am
doing something wrong.  Monday I got all the bubbles out of the cartridge
and primed the tubing.  At the end of the prime I saw 5 or 6 long bubbles
(1/2 inch or greater).  I ended up repriming the entire thing to get all the
bubbles out (7.5 units worth).  Luckily I saw them prior to connecting to
the part that is actually inserted into me.  It was inserted, but the tubing
was not connected.

I have a MiniMed 508.  I am also having a problem getting the pump primed.
After I get the cartridge in, the metal things (VBG - having a senior
moment, can't remember what they are called) don't fit flush against the and
of the cartridge.  So nothing happens when I prime.  I have to keep fiddling
with them until they manage to connect.  Luckily this happened at my CDE's
office when I started, so we figured out what to do.  But it is aggravating.

Sugars so far are okay, but the basal testing is taking forever.

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