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[IP] sick days/ketones

I have an awful cold (only a virus so doc won't give me anything)...it's not
the flu thank goodness, only sinuses and such.  I'm not throwing up, but I
can't seem to keep from getting ketones.  I woke up yesterday with large,
and high bg's.  Got down to 150 and negative ketones.  Tested again this
morning with 450 and small.  It's not a matter of usually running high in
the morning either.  Also, I have noticed that my normal high bg ratio (I
take 1 unit per 30 that I'm to high) doesn't work, I almost have to double
it when I have ketones.  Is this because of the ketones or sickness?  Any
suggestions how to avoid ketones when sick or how to get rid of them faster?
Should I make it a rule to up insulin on sick days?  Left a message for doc,
but I'd like advice from anybody who has been there.  Thanks!

One more thing...As far as ketones, at what point do you decide it's
necessary to stay home from work/school, whatever?  I mean, I'm sick today
so I stayed home from work to rest, but normally if I have ketones I'm
afraid to go anywhere but don't want to unnecessarily lose time at work or

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