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[IP] Re: Leaving old site in, funny story


It is good to hear that your medical professional is learning from Eve!
Erica's team is also very responsive to new ideas, and we are so
fortunate to have them.  She usually leaves her site in for a little
while too, and occasionally we forget it is there until 4-5 hours has
passed.  What we try to remember to do, and we have forgotten, is to
remove those lovely little oval spots left on her by the tape from the
old Sil sites.  It is a good thing we like the smell of Skin So Soft
which works like a charm.

Congrats on the drop in the A1c, Erica is due for one soon.  It is nice
for a change to be looking forward to them, instead of dreading them :)

Have a nice day, I am still working on my mountain of laundry from
Barb....Erica's mom

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