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[IP] bubbles/Laura

It must be sort of normal, as for the last two changes of my
cartridge/tubing/set, I have had to watch my tubing like a hawk.  I have had
one bubble that transposed into about 2 inches of air, and it was too late
to bolus it out, as it was on other side of QR, My darn sugars just kept
going up and up, and finally I hit 400 and said to heck with this.  But
meanwhile I had take about 6 units to chase the highs down, and then they
hit me, but only got 2 units out of all that bolusing!
Then, it happened again last night, but not so bad.  I noticed a small
bubble floating in my cartridge, but have no idea how to evacuate it, so
just left it.  Overnight, my bg was up a bit, so it must have left via
tubing.  Sugar only went to 226, but thats high for me now.
No matter what I do when I fill a new cartridge, I get bubbles later.  I let
the insulin bottle sit out overnight, I thump the bubbles out (with my
favorite pen labeled just for that!), and there are no bubbles present.
Then, two hours later,  get bubbles.  I can't wait till MM or Disetronic
come out with pre filled, hope they can figure this problem out, as I
Good luck with bubbles!

From: "Laura Lillie" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Bubbles in tubing

Have you ever had a bubble in the tubing that traveled UP the tubing? This
morning I found two bubbles stuck together in my tubing. When I tried to

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