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[IP] My boob site experience-it's in!! (kinda long)

Okay guys, here's the deal...I just put my site in my left breast, I think.  
The site is really close to my chest, so I'm not sure if technichally it is 
my breast, but it's covered up by my sports bra, so I'm assuming it is a 
breast site.  Anyway...for those who are wondering, I put it about 2 1/2 
inches above the top of my nipple (I'm a 38C, so for some of you who are 
smaller, it may wind up being fewer inches away from the top).  The site did 
not hurt at all going in, but now that it's in, it's a little sore.  I think 
that has more to do with the fact that I injected into a part of my body 
that has never seen a needle!  I do think that breast sites would not be as 
wise for people like me who are "busty"; if you take your bra off for any 
period of time, the site will move around quite a bit and may bother you.  
My breasts move when the wind blows (j/k!), or so it seems, so I need that 
support all the time.  The site really bothered me till I put on a Sports 
Bra, it's almost painless now. I will most likely have to wear the sports 
bra at all times though, even to bed, until this site it out.  It doesn't 
seem like I can have it any other way.  It'll hurt too much if I don't wear 
anything for support.  I will probably keep this site in, assuming that 
nothing too dramatic happens with my sugars, and I will most likely try it 
again.  I have plenty of room to work with, so it may just work better 
somewhere else!  If you want to ask me something about this or whatever, you 
can email me privately at email @ redacted  Have a good night 
everyone!  Kelly
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