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[IP] suspending pump

In a message dated 02/22/2000 2:40:14 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<   in geneva's case,
 though...by setting a temp basal for one hour for 0.0 , she will sometimes
 rise pretty rapidly to a higher than normal number.
 so ...we have to test hourly to monitor. >>

Thanks Ruth, that is what we realized.  I said that suspended the pump for 1 
hour and then reduced the basal by .1 (from .4 to .3)  Well I was keeping a 
close eye on it and at 12 after suspending it for 1 hour it was 145, so I 
just changed the basal back to normal and all was well.  As a matter of fact 
she woke up at 132.  How good is that?  I did just love not having to wake 

After her being low all evening tonight also, I am wondering if our 6pm to 12 
pm basal needs reducing or if we need to change her supper ratio.  She is at 
1:15 all day right now, and was thinking maybe for supper we should switch to 
1:20.  Not sure, guess we'll just have to work it out.

Susan :-)
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